Pay Loans Online

Instructions to make CSB loan payments on the internet

CSB loan customers may make payments via the internet. At this time we do not have the link in place that will allow you to make payments from the CSB website.

You will need to click on:

  • Type “3062” in the box marked ACCESS CODE
  • Fill in your Commercial Savings Bank loan account number, click on Login (leave the password field blank the first time you use this- next time fill in password that you have chosen)
  • “Setup your payment information”
  • First time users- make up your own password and type in top box. Retype the same password in the second box, click on “Continue”
  • Your new password will be shown on the screen. Click on “Continue”
  • Fill in your name, phone number, address, and email address. Click on “submit personal information”
  • Choose your payment method- click on “Pay by Check” or “Pay by Savings”
  • Fill in the bank routing number and checking or savings account number. Click on “Submit your account information”
  • “Return to main menu”

Now the account is set up. (Future times that you want to make a payment you will only need to fill in your CSB loan account number and password.) You will just click on Make a payment and continue with the date and amount you want your payment to be made. You will have the choice of having the payment made automatically the same date(s) each month (or whatever payment frequency you choose) or you may select a single payment and each time you want to make a payment you may go to the page to make the payment.