Live Chat Available on Netteller

Commercial Savings Bank is pleased to announce the addition of “live chat” to Netteller features.

Netteller customers will be able to chat live and ask questions with a customer service representative via the web resource. Customers can simply click on the live chat icon (located in the upper right corner) once logged into Netteller to engage the feature. CSB representatives will be available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (in most cases) to assist customers and help them navigate the system. If a CSB representative is not logged into the system to assist, Netteller users will be able to see the service is not available at that time.



Economic Forecast 2014

UPPER SANDUSKY–Dr. Ken Mayland shared insights on the national economic situation and his predictions for this and upcoming years during a recent luncheon presented by Commercial Savings Bank.  Also on hand was Wyandot County Economic Development leader Greg Moon, who gave a brief overview of the local economy’s outlook for growth.

Mayland is President of Clearview Economics, LLC, and entited his presentation “As the World Turns in 2014″. The event was hosted at the Elks Lodge in Upper Sandusky. 

Mayland said there was much drama with our federal government in 2013 citing the fiscal cliff, government shutdown, Obamacare and the soaring stock market.  His predictions for 2014 included the economy’s growth shifting to a higher gear from 1.9% growth in 2013 to near 3% in 2014.   He looks for the auto and construction sectors of the market to see the biggest growth and said measured inflation is likely to remain subdued.


Greg Moon, economic development leader in Wyandot County, provided an overview of the local economy and opportunities for growth.

Dr. Ken Mayland discussed the nation's economy and his predictions for the future.

Dr. Ken Mayland discussed the nation’s economy and his predictions for the future.